About The Publisher: Marie Vandenberg

My husband and I moved our family to the Clintonville area a little over five years ago.  One of the biggest adjustments for us was finding the things to do.  Since then, we have gotten more involved in the community through work. 

When another mom told me about Macaroni Kid, I just knew it was the right fit for me.  I already spent a lot of time finding the family fun--sometimes a day or two too late.  I wanted to help other families avoid the disappointment and I love making someone else's job easier.  I love how easy it is to add events to my personal calendar now.  

My daughters love being out and about doing stuff with other kids and families.  So, when I'm not playing chauffeur for the kids, I enjoy taking my dogs for walks, sewing, reading or playing with our cats. Quiet chats with the kids can be quite enlightening as well.  Occasionally, we watch TV, but it's mainly PBSKids so I can have an entire conversation about Daniel Tiger.  You will most often find us outside at a park, nature center or checking out a farmers market.

I look forward to meeting everyone as we continue to explore our very special area.