Holiday Light Guide Submissions

In search of the best decorated houses in the Macaroni Kid Clintonville area

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville, WI November 13, 2020

For as long as my siblings have been alive, we’ve always had a minimum of 2 birthdays within weeks of Christmas.  With having so many birthdays so close to Christmas, we find different ways to celebrate.  When my son was little, I was a single mom, working part-time as a bus driver, so we found inexpensive traditions.  One of my favorites was making up a fresh batch of “hot” cocoa, putting warm, fuzzy jammies on him, packing a warm, fluffy blanket in the car, turning on Christmas music, and driving around enjoying all the Christmas Decorations that everyone so painstakingly put up for everyone else’s enjoyment.  (Does anyone remember 12 Pains of Christmas by Bob Rivers Day #2?).

With the pandemic doing what it’s doing, we’re looking at ways to modify our “usual” family traditions. Or in my case, getting back to basics.  While I knew where all the best houses were in my old neighborhoods, you know the ones, where the entire block decorates?  Well, I’ve lived here for 5 years, and I know of about 3 houses.  So, while I’m aware that there are a few other organizations collecting houses with Christmas lights.  I’m still interested in creating my own.  You can submit your house/neighborhood here or you can e-mail me at I’m hoping that with several options, families will find what works for them.  

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