July Note from the Publisher

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville, WI July 2, 2019

Welcome to the beginning of July and this week's edition of Macaroni Kid Clintonville! If your family is anything like mine, it's hard to believe that school let out almost a month ago already and school supply shopping will begin in about a month! Where did the time go??!!' 

I've been working hard at filling the calendar to help you Find Your Family FunTM. Whether you want to stay local, travel a couple of hours or surprise your family for the day, we have you covered.  My mission when I signed up with Macaroni Kid was to help families find affordable family fun.  I also realize that as much as we all love our kids, sometimes we do need a small break from them, so I have some Mom Day Out and Parent Night Out events listed in the calendar as well. 

As always, I am a resource for you and your family to make your life easier.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.  Starting after July 4th, you'll find Macaroni Kid Clintonville "in the wild" at the Clintonville Farmer's Market.

Keep watching, Macaroni Kid Surprise Family Play Day is coming and I'll be sharing some ideas with you.  Time flies and this is a great way to take a breath and have some fun.

If you've seen any of the previous articles about Macaroni Kid Printables, there are some new ones available just in time for your July 4th celebrations.  It's a great way to add that little extra something to your event and it also helps support Macaroni Kid Clintonville as an affiliate.  As many of you know (and the rest will be finding out), Macaroni Kid is a free resource for families.  We are supported through generous sponsors and advertisers.  So, if you could help me out and let those businesses know when you hear about something from Macaroni Kid, that will help us both.  

If you know about an event, feel free to tell me about it.  If you are a business and would be interested in hearing about sponsorship opportunities, you can sign up here.

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July holiday with their families!   If you see me and my family out and about, feel free to stop by and say hi.  I'd love to meet you!  Check out the calendar-- there is a ton of stuff happening this weekend!  Make it a great one!

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