MK Surprise Family Play Day 2019

Finding your Surprise Family Fun in Waupaca and Shawano Counties

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville, WI July 13, 2019

Summer school, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, work.  Before you know it, summer is gone and half the things you wanted to do with the kids never got done.  Macaroni Kid completely understands, so for the second year in a row, we’re celebrating Macaroni Kid Surprise Family Play Day on Saturday July 13th!

There have been a few articles already leading up to this weekend explaining what it is and why it’s important to take this quick breather for just one day to enjoy it as a family.  If you are curious about the “why” behind it, you can find that article here.  I’m taking the time today to help you plan something if you haven’t been able to come up with something.  For my family, my husband and son are working so I’m going to do something on a small scale with my daughters and then later on in the summer, that lines up better with work schedules, we’ll plan the “official” one.  So, that’s step 1; make this your family’s surprise fun day.  If July 13th doesn’t work for your family, change it to one that does.  Please still tag us with #MKPlayDay when you do.  We still want to see what you planned. 

“A glass in my hand and my ass in the sand” has a great ring to it, my checkbook and truck mileage have other ideas.  Step 2, find something that fits into your budget.  For our family, tomorrow, I’m taking the kids to Fleet Farm’s Free Fishing event.  I’ll let them learn a few new knots and tricks of the trade.  If the weather holds out, we’ll either head to our favorite local fishing hole or check out the splash pad in Shawano, swim in Shiocton or wander around Doc’s Zoo.  (If the fishing doesn’t speak to you- the weather should be perfect to watch the alligator feeding at Doc’s.  Just be sure to get there early-- they’re fast-- and you do not want to miss it!) If you need a few more ideas of things that are happening in the area- check out my calendar-- there are some pretty good ideas there-- something for most budgets and ages.  If you want some new ideas for road trip games, we have you covered there too.

Presentation is everything isn’t just for food on a plate.  Step 3 is deciding the best way to wake up the kids to begin the adventure of the day.  Try to pick a theme.  Balloons, breakfast, (although I’m thinking fish for breakfast might not be the best way to start mine on the right foot).  But gummy worms in yogurt could be a neat, healthy breakfast.  A goldfish snack.  This comes back to making it your own.  You know your own kids.  My younger two would not do well if I tried to keep the surprise going until we reach our destination.  My oldest made a trip to Indiana to see Dora (this was many, many years ago) because we couldn’t make any of the Wisconsin shows work within our schedules.  He didn’t find out why we were on the road trip until the opening music for Dora started as the lights went down in the auditorium.  He still remembers that trip.  Our bigger trip later in the summer will include a trip to the DeYoung Zoo in Michigan. I’ll need to tell my girls before we get to the state lines or they will meltdown.  You can also have the kids help plan the adventure if they are old enough.  Let them be vested in the family fun.  

Every family is different, so find what works best for you and your family. The ultimate goal is to have fun and spend some quality time together as a family. I hope you will take a few moments (even if it’s after you get back) and share a few pictures with us and share your #MKPlayDayfun with us!  I’d love to see what you came up with!