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Finding Your Fall Family Fun from Bear Creek to Antigo and everywhere in between

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville, WI October 8, 2021

October is here and ready to Rock! With the help of some incredible sponsors, I'll be kicking off a fun combination of pay-it-forward, community-building, and a little “good” mischief activity.  I'll be Boo-ing 100 lucky families! Those 100 families will get to "Boo" just one or two other families thus spreading Halloween Cheer! Here’s the thing… I live out in the country.  I have 100 filled Halloween baskets that I want to hand out throughout the communities in my territories. My territory is pretty huge.  So, if you are interested in possibly being chosen to receive a Boo Basket, I’ll need you to fill out this form.  I know I have a lot of forms.  I have Forms for Holiday lights and forms for Free Tickets to Terror on the Fox and forms for Free Tickets to Jurassic Quest (oops, that hasn’t been announced yet) and forms to submit events.  But, without the form, I don’t know if you want to participate.  I’ll be including an article next week to coincide with the delivery of the Boo Baskets. This could turn out to be a ton of fun because each recipient is supposed to continue it with two friends, neighbors of their own.  We’ll have to see how many people get Boo’d.  The really cool part, is if this is fun for everyone, we can do it again for the winter holidays by spreading holiday cheer.  So, if you want to be Boo’d - here is the form.

This week is Fire Prevention Week.   I know I posted a Safety Tips article a few weeks ago so I don’t want to rehash too much.  I do want to share a lesson that I learned, I wish, a long time ago.  When you go shopping for your fire extinguisher, make sure that you buy more than one.  And as you practice your fire extinguishing skills, get in the habit of grabbing more than one extinguisher.  Most fires are not put completely out with a 3-pound extinguisher.  And the last thing you want to do is let that fire grab hold again.  The other thing, is to not underestimate the power of a lid.  If you have a fire in a container, (oven, frying pan, garbage can, etc), if you can safely get a lid on it, you’ll cut the oxygen and get the fire out before it gets a chance to do a lot of damage.  The fire department would much rather get the callback that says “I got the fire out“, than have you lose your home.  But, at the same time, if there is more than one person in the area, have someone else calling 911 while you’re working on extinguishing the fire so the fire department can get there sooner.  So, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll want to practice your extinguishing skills and guess what?? Clintonville Fire Dept is having an open house with a Fire Simulator so you can practice putting out that fire.  The K9’s will be there too and so much more.  Mark Your Calendar!

Alright, so the calendar is filling up as Halloween events are getting narrowed down and announced.  Something that happened with me during that social media outage earlier this week - I couldn’t find the events to put on my calendar.  And the ones that were saved, I couldn’t access them!  So, pretty please with sugar on top, if you are hosting an event, submit it directly to the website,  (It’s just another form), or send me the flyer/details to my e-mail ( If you see a flyer somewhere, can you snap a picture and send it to me?  It’s a little easier if the event organizers can submit, so I can ask follow up questions.  (I’ll have follow-up questions, I almost always do). But, if you find the event, and tell me about it, I can get the rest figured out.  I can’t get it on the calendar if I don’t know about it. 

So, enough about all that!  Have you guys seen all the events happening on the weekends?!  I know the Clintonville Homecoming Football game was cancelled, but that means more time to get your Fish Fry!  For One Weekend Only! The Vietnam Traveling Wall will be in Oshkosh.  It's open 24 hours for the entire weekend with a counselor on-site, if needed.  There is also a dog park located across the street from the Expo Center. It's perfect if you can't make it to DC.  

So, here is the rest of my top picks for this week: Be sure to check the website for ALL The Events!  More get added all the time.

🍁 🍎 Fall Family Fun Day

Terror on The Fox

☠ Revenge (Haunted Barn)

Free & Virtual: International Fossil Day With Jurassic Quest

Plan Ahead Dates:

πŸ›» Mini Trucks Playgroup

πŸŽƒ Halloween Happenings Meets Hogwarts

πŸŽƒ 3rd Annual Pumpkin Plunge

Brickworld LEGO Fan Experience

πŸš’ Clintonville Fire Dept Open House

πŸŽƒ ☠️  Revenge (Haunted Barn) KID’S Day

Here's to Finding All Your Fall Family Fun!  

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