BusyKid's Money App Can Help Set Your Kids Up for a Big 2022

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By BusyKid January 23, 2022

Many families look at a new year as a fresh start … a clean slate … a time to try something new. 

This is the chance to turn the page and set some goals with some New Year's resolutions.

At BusyKid, we love how New Year's resolutions not only challenge us to make better choices, but also provides us with an opportunity to have conversations with our kids on topics that may otherwise never come up.

One of those interesting topics: Financial goals.

This is a great time of year for you to take time to set financial goals for yourself, while also discussing earning, saving, investing and spending money with your children.

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Having conversations about finances with kids is important because it's likely not something they are learning in school. In fact, the majority of students graduating high school never have a class on the subject. 

But conversations are just the start. It's important to incorporate a system for your kids that will help them develop solid money management routines.

BusyKid app helps kids learn by 'doing'

BusyKid can help! BusyKid is the award-winning app and debit card for kids that teaches important money management skills they won’t learn in school ... but need to be successful in life. After all, children learn best by “doing” and BusyKid lets them practice important real-life lessons — from investing money to supporting charities — right from the palm of their hands.

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