Snack Drive for Marion and Clintonville Elementary Schools

Fire & Iron Gathering businesses gathered together to fuel the brains of our youth.

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville -Shawano - Oconto - Antigo February 18, 2023

We all know how hard it is to think and concentrate when we're hungry.  The businesses inside of Fire & Iron Gathering became aware that the classroom snack stashes were getting very low.  In one case, the classroom snacks were being rationed so a student could only get a snack from the classroom stash twice per week.  In another class, they were sharing the last bag of popcorn.  We completely understand the need to ration and we also understand tight budgets across the board so we decided that if everyone works together, we can help fuel the brain-power of our youth.

We know that budgets are very tight. We know that stuff happens.  We want to help ensure that it's not a burden on anyone, particularly the kids.  I'll be the first to admit that I make a ton of mistakes.  I don't want my daughter or her classmates to miss out because I didn't get to the grocery store in time or had a large, unexpected bill come up, or miscalculated how many snacks we needed.  How many of your kids get hangry?  My youngest has a high metabolism and gets really hangry if she doesn't eat enough.  

State testing for the schools is coming up soon.  For better or worse, how the students do on these tests reflects on our communities. If the kids are hungry, they aren't going to do well on the tests.  We want everyone at their best and this is one small thing we can do as a community to help them.

I also know that the prices of everything are going up.  It's hard to donate a classroom stash of any snack.  So, we are giving people the opportunity to combine funds. 50 cents here, a dollar there, combined with a few 5 dollars will suddenly go very far.  It's also important for the school teachers and students to know that the community cares about them.  We want them to succeed.  It goes to show that it truly takes a village to raise a family.  We also know that we are all stronger when we work together.

I hope that everyone is able to work together to help us supply snacks for the Marion and Clintonville Elementary Schools.

We have totes available at Fire & Iron Gathering (the old Shopko) in Clintonville and there is a tote available at the corner of 8th St and Clinton in Clintonville by the crossing guard.  (It will only be available when the crossing guard is there before and after school). Please only drop off snacks or scan the code.  Her primary job needs to be on keeping our families safe as they are crossing the street.  Any questions, please e-mail me at, send me a message on Facebook or visit any of the Fire & Iron Gathering businesses.

Cash, Check and Credit Card donations will also be accepted.  (Venmo is the preferred "contactless"/debit/credit card method as it has the lowest processing fees, but there are other options available by request.) The Venmo code is available on all the flyers. You can access a printable version of the flyer by clicking here or clicking the image in this article or the event listing. Flyers are also being distributed throughout Clintonville and Marion. 

I want to say a special thank you to my fellow Fire & Iron Gathering businesses for helping me with this snack drive.  Please be sure to visit Doggie Detailers Grooming Salon, The Robbins Nest - Rustic, Recycled, Refurbished, Clintonville Total Fitness, and Against The Grain Woodcraft.   

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In-person credit card options are also available at Macaroni KID Clintonville-Shawano-Oconto-Antigo inside Fire & Iron Gathering