Evsie™️ - A Tween's (Mom's) Shopping Paradise

Cute and trendy clothing for girls in sizes 7 - 14

By Brigette Schroeder - Publisher/Editor - Macaroni KID Yorkville - Geneva - St. Charles June 19, 2023

The tween years have come in like a wrecking ball in our house and they have hit all areas of our lives. But, the thing that hits the hardest is CLOTHES. With two girls – ages 9 and 10 – clothing drama is a daily occurrence. 

I have one that is sporty with some curves and one that is completely girly and a stick, and they are not okay with mom just buying their clothes anymore. So, when I found out about Evsie™️, a clothing line just for tweens, I realized there may be hope yet for this mom who just wants to avoid the clothing drama in the mornings (or pretty much whenever we need to leave the house at this point) and get everyone to school and work on-time. 

The author received compensation and an Evsie gift card to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

At Evsie, they can both find exactly their style of clothing and in sizes that fit their growing and changing bodies.

One Saturday morning, the girls and I decided to go check out the DeKalb store for ourselves and we all fell in love with it from the minute we walked through the pretty purple doors. The store was so bright and inviting with amazing displays and well-staged mannequins dressed in some of the cutest outfits. Both girls were in awe of everything Evsie had to offer that met each of their emerging clothing styles. 

The Evsie store manager greeted us with a bright smile and cheerful hello and was ready to help us in any way. I explained that we were looking for both sporty and girly things and she immediately jumped into action by pulling things that she thought each girl would like to try on. 

The girls made their way through the store looking for outfits to try on as well. By the time we made it to the fitting rooms, the store manager had all of the clothes divided up into the assigned girl's room. And, as an added bonus, she had labeled the doors with each girl's name, making the shopping experience even more personal and special. 

My sporty tween found tons of options for her many sports activities, as well as comfy shoes and sandals. She even found swimwear that she felt comfortable in and willing to wear to the pool. 

The girly tween went wild with all of the dresses, denim shorts and pants, and tops – and of course the accessories. She loves to accessorize and Evsie had everything she could imagine – and then some. 

Again, the store manager was amazing with helping each girl find exactly what she was looking for and making suggestions for some things they did not realize they would like and ended up loving. Apparently if mom does not suggest it and a store manager does, it becomes a great idea/look. Whatever works at this point I guess. ;)

By the time the girls had tried everything on, they had both found several pieces that were comfortable, stylish, and just what they wanted. That’s a win for all of us right now! The checkout process was quick and painless and made each girl feel like she was her own woman, shopping just like mom and their aunt who lives to shop. 

And just one more reason to love this store, we found out that the store hosts special events or activities on certain days. On this Saturday the activity was designing your own Evsie tote bag. They both LOVED doing it and having a new cool bag to use at school. So much fun! 

If you get a chance, check out their social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok. They are fun, inspiring, and show tween girls just being confident and proud of themselves. 

The whole experience was incredible for both me and the girls. There were no tears, no tantrums, no fighting, and no crazy emotions. That was a first for all of us lately, as we maneuver our way through the tween years with two girls who are only 11 months apart. What more could a mom ask for?! 

We will definitely be going back to shop for our upcoming vacation and new school year at the end of summer. Evsie has won our family over, and I am telling every fellow tween-mom who I can about them.