It’s Fine, We’re Fine, We’ve got This! Just a few little changes

Note from your Publisher

By Marie Vandenberg September 24, 2020

I am not a super-hero.  Like many families in our area, we are tackling ever-changing school schedules, work and just plain life in general.  Something that I’ve noticed over the past several weeks is I haven’t been creating a product that is helpful to our families.  The calendar is painfully and embarrassingly empty.  My saved folder is over-flowing.  But, that doesn’t help anyone, does it?  So- I had did the one thing I could do— I got some help.  Starting today, you will start seeing a much fuller calendar with tons more options.  You’ll see in-person events, virtual events, virtual tours and so much more. You’ll Find All Your Family Fun in one place!  This also frees me up to put more effort into writing helpful articles, and figuring out creative ways to bring more fun to our communities.

I know that it’s not always fun to see reviews and what seems like paid advertising all the time.  But, those last two national campaigns allowed me to earn enough to be able to hire the help I need to bring you a fuller event calendar.  I honestly had fun doing them.  I need help with mealtime too.  I figured many of you could also use a little help with figuring out what to feed the littles or helping them help themselves.  I do still have a few coupons left for the Blount’s Family Kitchen meals.  The meals are available here in Clintonville at Tadych’s EconoFoods and at Charlie’s Country Market in Shawano.  Feel free to read Blount’s Family Kitchen to the Rescue for the full review.  If you want a few more options for the Kraft Heinz meals-I have a whole list of food combinations or I can track down another publisher that did a different combination.  Feel free to check out the hashtag #LetTheKidsLunch for so many ideas.  Macaroni Kid National had over 100 publishers from all over the country working on this campaign. So we have a wide selection of ages and foods to choose from.  I have your back.  If we work together, we can keep everyone fed and happy.

The much better, local articles might take a couple more weeks.  You’ll see me at the Clintonville Fall Frenzy on Saturday.  Feel free to stop by.  We’ll have some take and make crafts for your family to do.  Adelle’s Bluebird Cafe is hosting her 2nd Annual Pie Contest! If you need an apple pie recipe- you can give this one a try.  The Community Blood Center is also doing a Blood Drive.  If you are able, they have a critical need for donors.  If you’re not able to donate, please help spread the word.  After the Fall Frenzy, my family is moving.  Don’t worry- we won’t be going too far.  And I’ll still be your local Macaroni Kid resource.

With that being said- I have a few new fun activities planned to start in October.  You should start seeing information on some of those fun surprises coming up in the next week or so.  And as much as we’re trying not to rush things- I’m also working on a Halloween Light Tour Guide.

To make things easier for my helper- as you are creating events and getting the word out- could you help us out and use this link.  Remember- we list events on the calendar for free.  

Have a great day!  Enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been getting lately.  I hope to see you Saturday!  We are stronger together!