You've Been Boo'd '22

Boo Basket Sign-ups Have Begun

By Marie Vandenberg, Publisher/Editor Macaroni Kid Clintonville -Shawano - Oconto - Antigo October 9, 2022

We are so excited!  This is our second year doing the Boo Baskets!  We have 4 incredible sponsors this year!  Honestly, without their support, these would not be possible at all.  

As the Boo Baskets get put together, we’ll be keeping everyone updated.  We’re also doing a special feature this year.  We’re doing a special sponsor highlight.  We want you to learn a little more about each of our wonderful sponsors. Feel free to send me questions to ask them.  If you have the question, surely, someone else does too.  You can send the questions to me on our Facebook page or via e-mail (

If you missed the early article about What Boo Baskets are or haven't heard of the "You've Been Boo'd" that's been around for a while now, you can read my FAQ article here.  We even get into why our sponsors are so important to this fun community event.  I am really encouraging people to pass along the Boo'ing fun.  Shop our local stores.  We truly have some incredible treasures and they're right here in our neighborhoods.  I'm also encouraging everyone to stick with your own budget.  We'll have some fun basket ideas but please make them your own.  This is supposed to be fun and silly, not stressful at all.  I'll be including a hashtag soon.  I'd love to see your Boo Baskets, both the ones that you sign up for and the ones that you pass along.  Nothing makes my day better than seeing kids' smiles, especially when they think they're getting into mischief.

Now for the important part that you’ve all been waiting so patiently for- Sign-ups for Boo Baskets are Now Open! If you participated last year, you may recognize that there is a new question. There is not a single question that will increase or decrease your chance to get a Boo Basket.  I will need to check your address to be sure that you are in the Macaroni KID Clintonville - Shawano - Oconto - Antigo area, but fill out the form;  I’ll send you an e-mail if it’s an issue. If I have a question regarding your address or form submission, I will use your e-mail address to contact you (please keep that in mind when submitting your e-mail address on the form).  All e-mails will come from my business e-mail only.   I will close the sign-ups when we reach the 100 Baskets so you’ll know immediately.

Let The Boo’ing Begin!


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